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Walk In Peace

Walk in Peace is a collection of fourteen hymns written by Adam Tice and Sally Ann Morris.  Recorded in Sauder Concert Hall at Goshen College, it features voices from St. Joseph Valley Camerata and the Goshen College Choirs.  

It has been a very long time since I have been so excited not only about a particular project, but the promise that a composer or composing partnership can offer the praying Church.  Adam Tice and Sally Ann Morris have forged their unique creative spirits into a tremendous contribution in "Walk In Peace."  Adam's provocative yet very prayerful texts, combined with the very unique melodic and harmonic treatments of Sally Ann, have given us much to rejoice in here.  This is music that not only sings well, but prays well.  These are song-prayers that dig deep, that allow us to pray with hearts and our brains as well.  Song after song in this collection is a gift, with personal favorites of mine being "Lost and Afraid" and "God, Give Me Faith Like A Child."  Tender and prayerful, without being sentimental; courageous and prophetic without losing a prayerful posture.  All I can say is "wow... wow."  Thank you Adam and Sally Ann.  Please keep the treasures coming.  We need your voice, and the witness that your sung prayer brings.
--David Haas, liturgical composer

New Collection Now Available!  

Stars Like Grace

Stars like Grace is available now from GIA Publications.  It includes newly composed tunes by Tony Alonso, Chris Ángel, Benjamin Brody, Colin Gibson, David Haas, David Hurd, Daniel Kantor, Sally Ann Morris, Randall Sensmeier, and Adam Tice, as well as many traditional tunes. is the texts themselves that most engage the reader or singer here: words fresh, sincere, and perceptive; words comforting and challenging; words expressing a grounded faith for meeting the shifting demands of today's world. . . . In giving us these texts, Adam Tice is showing us new ways to behold and celebrate God's presence and God's purposes.  Buy this book and read it carefully; even better, sing it!
--Carl P. Daw, Jr., Boston University School of Theology
Hymn writer and former Executive Director of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada

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